Can not connect to openfire server

all users cannot connect to openfire server, can you tell me why?? @wroot (24189 Bytes) (11257 Bytes) (1242 Bytes)

It looks like maybe your database got corrupted or something (“unexpected token”). If you have a backup, try reverting to it.

is it on C:\Program Files\Openfire\embedded-db ??

wroot,after i attach my db backup…i still cannot connect to openfire server …i upgrade to openfire ver 3.10 but my db backup ver 3.9 is it problem??

can anyone help me on this error?

You latest screenshot doesn’t have useful information (it is usually the top of the error that has something).

It should work with the 3.9 db backup, but you can also try uninstalling 3.10, installing 3.9.3 and then restore the backup.

i have uninstall openfire ver 3.9 and install ver 3.10…i didn’t attach DB back because it didn’t work. So, i set up it again…

currently, i’m using openfire ver 3.10 with spark 2.7.1

whats causes of those errors?

Have no clue

Your 7777 port is occupied.

@etclij how can i solve it?

you os is windos?if it is,There is other program takes up the 7777 port,You need to turn off the program.The simplest method is to restart the computer

@etclij yes…windows server 2003 , how can i know that another program which use port 7777?

@wroot @etclij

I’ll ask for the last time, STOP putting usernames in your messages.

Sort TCPView by Local Port and see if there are two different programs using 7777 port.