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Can Not log into Admin after install

Hey Guys,

I just started reading up on Jabba and came across openfire. I am currently running a VM ubuntu 12.10 server, (virtual box, briged connection) on my ubuntu desktop. I have been following these set of instructions http://ubuntuserverguide.com/2013/01/how-to-setup-chat-server-using-openfire-in- ubuntu-server-12-04.html

and for some reason I get the error the password or admin account is incorrect.

Any ideas or advice on learning how to set this bad boy up?

I am also going to try using a 10.04 now

What do you put into login field when trying to connect? Should be: admin

i believe I tried admin, and that still did not work. I will be trying it again shortly. I edited the .xml fire at


and even changed the username and password in that file and still not working.

NEVER mind, i fixed it! instead of doing

create user ‘openfire’@‘localhost’

you were right, i just substituted openfire w admin and it worked!