Can not login on admin control


I can not login in admin console with my e-mail and password.

I have:
Apache 2.2.21 on Fedora 15 Lovelock
FireFox 7.0.1

during setup OpenFire I choose:
Server settings: and ports 9090 and 9091
Database settings: Embedded Database
Profile Settings: Default
Then I written my e-mail address and password.

After it I tried to Login to the admin console
and there was error:
‘Login failed: make sure your username and password are correct and that you’re an admin or moderator.’

Could yopu help me, please?
How to login?



You should login with admin, not your email address.

I’m sorry for my ignorance and thank you for clarifying.
The e-mail address mislead me.

Thank you very much for your help.