Can NOT login through VPN

As what I said before, I have a server with 2 NICs, one of which is used for VPN.

But now when one logins through VPN, there is a Login Error: Invalid Username or Password.

Why?Is it because of the internet environment?

Thank you very much.


it should not be a VPN problem and if it really is then this is the completely wrong forum.

It may be a routing problem on the server, you could use a sniffer to check this.

And enabling the audit log of Wildfire may help even more.


Dear LG,

I’'ll do this.

Thank you.

Hi broom,

On our company do not allow clients to connect to our Jabber server from outside our internal network, but the server is public on the internet. When people connect via VPN they usually do this from outside the internal network, and if they try to connect to our Jabber server this resolves to the public IP, even if connected with VPN, and therefore will be denied a connection.

The solution is to specify the internal IP as “Host” while still using the resolved serveraddress as “Server” in their Jabber client configuration.

Maybe you have the same issue, and in that case this might be the solution


Hi John,

I’'ll try this.

Thank you.