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Can not open the Users/Groups tab

I just install 3.8.0 fresh on a server 2008 R2 machine, seems to work fine but i click on the users/groups tab and nothing happens.

Also dont see open in the “Services” as i did on the 2003 server. Does this not run as a servce anylonger?

Grab the latest nightly build - Probably will solve your user/group issue.

so is this a fresh exe or just an add on?

Fresh. It’s basically the same thing you just downloaded. You can backup your database and config and reuse them if you like.

I dont understand, there is no EXE file. I unzuped the .zip file to a folder and there is alot of stuff.

No idea what you downloaded. Probably want one of these:

http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/OPENFIRE-NIGHTLYWINDOWS-975/artifact/sha red/Project-Windows-distribution-files/