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Can not use httpfileupload with android emulator

Hi i am using openfire as my im server to my mobile app client, i have added the Httpfileupload plugin to openfire and enabled the http bind settings , when i try to upload file it shows me this error Failed to connect to localhost/ ,
and the servers send me this XML message <get url="https://localhost:7443/httpfileupload/45726202-5e69-4b5c-a533-00d82f6d1121/4add76e7f15b6b4f.png"/>
I’ve tried to access this uri but it doesn’t work
please help me with this issues
i am using the latest smack version and the latest openfire version also

It appears that your Openfire server is configured using “localhost” and/or “” as it’s domain and/or address. Re-install Openfire, and use a domain name / address that is resolvable for the clients that connect to it.