Can only join chatroom, can't message user

We’ve setup the latest Openfire server on a Solaris 10 box. Everything on the server seems configured correctly however Jabber (XMPP) clients can only message others in chatrooms not as individual users. Authenication is stand-alone not LDAP. What I’m I missing? Thanks.


Hey MGriffin,

You are not giving us much information about the XML traffic between clients and server. So with lack of information I would risk to say that probably users are sending messages to just the username and not the bare JID or full JID. XMPP addresses are of the form username@domain. So if we have that wants to chat with then john needs to enter to send a chat and not just mary. Another common mistake is to use the incorrect domain when entering the user address.


– Gato

Thank you that was the issue. Works great.