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Can only set owners/admins for muc room in the config dialog?


i have some trouble with muc in Psi/Exodus/Pandion/Neos. When i rightclick on a nick i can toggle moderator status, but admin and owner does not work. I have noticed the 2 edit boxes in the room config dialog, are they the only way to set admins and owners?

Another question, can anyone tell me how a user can register with a room from Psi/Exodus/Pandion/Neos??

You have to be an owner to be able to grant Admin privilege. Though in Exodus it gives a strange error ‘Operation has failed (400)’. Don’t know what this means, maybe it’s a bug in Exodus. You can add owners in Admin Console of Openfire, or you can edit Owners and Admins list in the room properties from your client, but as i said, you have to be owner yourself.

As about other questions. Don’t ask too much, this is not a support forum for n clients. Read their help topics, manuals, etc. Usually you open room browser right click a room and join or register.

Found the answer. The latest release of OpenFire does not follow the XMPP standard of using the muc#admin to change affiliation at the admin or owner level. They are still using muc#owner namespace. If you are using something like Jabber-Net you have to override the muc#admin namespace with the muc#owner namespace.

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