Can presence plugin support multiy jid query?

I’'ve tested presence plugin,but I found it can only query one user each time.

Can presence plugin support multiy jid query?

or what method to display all the user status


the intention of this plugin was to display whether a user is online or not within a web page and not to deliver a web page similar to the ones in the admin console to display who’‘s online. It’'s similar to ICQ ( ) or AIM status icons.

It was used in the forum to display within the posts who’'s online at

You could iterate through the list of all users to display their status or write another plugin which delivers a full list.



I’‘m using jabber,and I’‘m not a java programer,I think it’'s a hard work for me to complete the plugin.

I’'m good at vb\vc\asp\php\sql. is there any way to do so?

in the admin console can display who’‘s online,I think it’‘s not difficult but I dont’'t know how to do.

I hope you can help me!

Thanks a lot!

Has anybody else looked into expanding the Presence Service plugin to allow for multiple jid lookups where the display type is XML?