Can someone explain about openfire enterprise?

Hi, Im new here and Ive download openfire and spark as possible replacements for our IM solution at work (currently just using Yahoo IM). I keep seeing references to wildfire and openfire enterprise. Can anybody explain how they differ from openfire?.. Is the enterpirse version a commercial product?.. I also see people referring to purchasing the enterpirse plugin but Im not sure where they get that from.

Any help is greatly appreciated…

Hi Shane,

Jive Messenger was the first product, it was later renamed to Wildfire. Because of possible legal issue with this name it was renamed once again to Openfire. So you want to use Openfire.

Jive did offer an enterprise version with enterprise support. This was not wildly used and thus not as profitable as one may have expected. So they did open source the enterprise plugins - which were available only for paying customers - and you can download them now from the plugins page.