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I think Openfire and Spark are great software, but the lack of documentation is driving me crazy and eventually to switch to another server.

I’'m testing the free version in my company (about 300 users) to see how the drill goes and if i approve it, then buy the enterprise version.

I’‘m impressed so far, but there are glitches that are driving me crazy and i’‘m starting to wonder if this isn’'t a waste of time.

Web chat is a key feature.

I’‘ve asked this twice and no answered. That’'s fine, no one is obliged to help the fellow next door.

But i don’‘t believe that there isn’‘t here anyone that hasn’'t installed sparkweb and inserted the 30 days free trial license.

I’'ve already drained my brain trying to discover how to do it, but without success.

When i access:


(I’'ve changed to 8081 because I have a Zope in 8080)

all i get is:

"License Not Found

No license file was found. SparkWeb requires a valid Openfire Enterprise license.

Need an evaluation license? Register for a 30-day evaluation license at jivesoftware.com."



Still, i can’'t figure it out how to create groups using OpenLDAP (another key feature).

Looked all over in the forums (actually the Openfire docs) and didn’'t find.

I guess one must have psychic powers to configure Openfire.

If there is someone out there willing to give me an hand, i’'d be much appreciated.

Warm Regards,

Mário Gamito


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You might want to try posting in the Openfire Enterprise Support


to the last part of your questions. I actually thought setting up openfire with ldap (active directory in my case) was very easy. It would also seem that from the guide http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/ldap-gui de.html it says that “Openfire treats LDAP directories as read-only”, so I would think you wouldn’'t be able to create users and groups with openfire when using ldap. You might considering creating groups in your ldap structure using whatever tools you use to manage openldap and then openfire should pull those groups in.

I haven’‘t installed sparkweb or any of the commercial products so I can’‘t comment on that. I will say that most of the web versions I have used were not that great. the one that I used that seemed the cleanest was claros chat http://www.trlinux.com/products/index.html the only problem I had with it was you couldn’'t get rid of the google talk link, and in a corporate environment I want my users to have the simplest interface possible.


And what is the LDAP structure for the groups ?

That is the kind of things i can’'t find anywhere.

Warm Regards,

Mário Gamito

I am new to this forum, but this doesn’'t seem to be the place for ldap support

ldap structures are different from organization to organization and depending on software used.

you said you are using openldap, try some of these ldap management tools


and then maybe for direct openldap support try http://www.openldap.org/


I can handle perfectly well OpenLDAP and i don’'t need any fancy graphic tool for that.

Command line suffices me.

What i don’'t know is how to map data (what data, BTW ?) in openfire.xml and OpenLDAP.


Mário Gamito

are you setting up the ldap stuff manually?

I set mine up thru the web based installer and was able to test it prior to saving.

for me, lets say my domain is local.localdomain.com and usernames are fakename@local.localdomain.com

my ldap settings in openfire are:

Base DN: dc=local,dc=localdomain,dc=com

Administrator DN: fakename@local.localdomain.com

here is an excerpt from my openfire.xml edited for security reasons:



I was talking about mapping groups in openfire.xml and groups in OpenLDAP.

Warm Regards,

Mário Gamito

with my settings listed above openfire is able to find all the groups setup on my ldap server and I am then able to publish those groups in openfire, but the group seems like it would have to exist in ldap first. I am guessing your users show up just fine? when you click on groups are there no groups listed?

do you have groups setup in your ldap server or are all of your users in the Users section (or something similar)

(and I am not an openfire expert, actually just installed about 1 week ago, but I am offering all the help I can)

also, have you done this just to see what is logged using your ldap connection?

You can also enable debugging to get more information from the LDAP module. To do this, add to your conf/openfire.xml file. Log statements will be written to the logs/debug.log file.

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Hola Mario,

Have you followed the setup wizard to complete the LDAP integration? In the old versions you had to do it manually but you can now do it from the admin console. You don’'t need to edit the conf/openfire.xml manually. Anyway, if you want to do oit by yourself then read the LDAP Guide that provides a detailed explanation for each field.

BTW, are you still having the license problem with spark web?


– Gato

Actually the LDAP guide seems to assume Active Directory regarding group setup. I cannot figure out what’'s going on there either.

There needs to be at least one non-AD setup example there since most everything that’'s non-AD is non-standard as well and subject to schema variations.