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Can someone please tell us what the OpenFire user base is?

We are interested to know…

How many companies are using?

How many users?

Largest user base at a single installation?

Have seen a stress test result from a couple years back, is there a newer one?

And so on…

Your thoughts appreciated.



I work for a sub of a very large company. We have only 500 users, but the next level up from us on the food chain is supporting 10,000 users on only 2 servers!

No other stats to report.

Most servers in the Jabber University Network are using Openfire. Each university has its own server. Some of them have a large amount of users because each university account is automatically also an Jabber account. Currently there are 12 mostly german universities, covering in sum 186,800 students. However, compared to that, only few students are actually have an account rather are using their account.



Thanks Oxymoron, that’s helpful to know…