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Can Spark be set for one-way or receive-only mode

Just looking at Openfire and Spark for the first time. I’ve searched the forums for an answer to this and came up empty.

I’d like to use Openfire in a situation where and administrator can send broadcast messages to selected group or groups of users that will pop-up on their desktops. But I don’t want them to be able to get into user to user IM chat.

Can this be done with Openfire & Spark? Or, is there another Jabber Client I should be looking at?

Thanks to all.


I think you should really search for another solution than using IM server for such limited task. Though i think this can be achieved with Packet Filter plugin.

Thanks for the response. From the simple question I started with, you’re probably right about looking elsewhere. But, I envision a much broader usage with 500+ users once I get past the initial need.

I’ll review the Packet Filter plugin.


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