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Can spark have external inputs send a chat message?

Hi everyone,
I am completely new to spark and openfire. I have a unique situation that I am trying to have an easy solution for. Basically I have workers that have touch screen right at their stations. I would love to be able to have them have a program or a list of predefined messages that they can hit and have it send to a specific user.
Example: A cutter stops running so an operator hits a text button “cutter #1 is down and will not cut” this text would then be sent through spark to support staff user. On the support staff session of spark he would receive the message “cutter #1 is down and will not cut”.

That way if something breaks the operators can hit one of the buttons and our support staff would instantly know what machine is down and where. I would love to be able to define all these messages per users. So each station could have their own responses (cutter#2, cutter#3, ECT.). If spark can not do this predefined messages by itself how can I use another software/interface to have my message buttons that will fill in the message and send it? I would be greatly appreciative of any help I can get. This will make our process work that much better.