Can Spark integrate with non-XMPP chat services? Can it be controlled via a web interface?

And is there a wiki or other location that explains more about the capability of the program? The readme is pretty sparse.

I’d like to install Spark on one Windows Server machine and use it to communicate from a remote computer on which programs can not be installed. Is this function built-in, or is there plugin support with a plugin that enables this ability?

Spark can’t communicate with non-XMPP services out of the box. Openfire server has a plugin (Kraken Im Gateway) which enables support for some 3d party services in Spark. But you will have to run Openfire server and connect in Spark to that server. This plugin also has XMPP gateway, so you will be able to add an xmpp account from another server.

There is no option to control Spark via a web interface.

There is no wiki or other documentation about Spark features other than a readme (actually there are not many of features).