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Can Spectrum run on a separate server from the one hosting Openfire?

Hi all,

So I’m running Openfire on a Windows machine (in production it will be a Solaris 10 box). I was wondering if it is possible to run Spectrum on a linux server and have Openfire on our Solaris server. I’ve been having some issues getting the two to communicate. The error I get is “unable to register with gateway” when I try to sign in on my aol account in Spark. I saw on stackoverflow that Spectrum IM and Openfire have to run on the same server. Is there a way to hack the config file to get them to cooperate?


Have you tried setting the server option to the server OF is running on? Of course Spectrum needs to be able to resolve this, so use IP / valid hostname. You should probably read this if you didn’t already: http://spectrum.im/documentation/tutorials/gateway_mode.html

Let me know if you succeeded