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Can’t change from invisible to online


I first downloaded spark - 2.8.3 on my MacBook Air a few weeks ago and logged in as invisible as I did not need to use it then
Now when I have logged in again and changed it to online, I am still appearing as invisible?
My software is MacOS Mojave

It is fot work and I cannot get started until I have managed to log on and change my status

Help Pleasse!!!


You can try deleting you Spark profile so it should start fresh. Not sure where exactly profile is located on macOS. On Linux is it at $HOME/.Spark (the folder can be hidden). Nobody here uses Macs, so it is hard to test Spark. Also 2.8.3 is a few years old and macOS is updating, so there could be incompatibilities with newer OS versions. Spark development is currently in a stall, so no updates are planned soon.

You can also try some other client for macOS.https://xmpp.org/software/clients.html