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Can’t join MultiUserChat remote-server-not-found(404)

Hi All ,

Can any one help me on this

So i have to guess that you are trying the inVerse plugin. It works for me (see below). I’m testing it on my local machine, but i login using my XMPP domain’s name (wroot), not localhost. Don’t use localhost or, use proper DNS names. This might be the reason. You can also check /openfire/logs/all.log for related errors.

Thank you wroot

Hi Wroot ,

Thank you so much for your replay.

This is a completely different question from your original issue with accessing a group chat. I’m not a developer and frankly speaking, if i was one, i won’t create a solution for you just like that for free, it is not as simple as just a few lines of code. You will have to pay some developer if you can’t figure it out on your own or using search on internet. What i can tell is that you will have to enable anonymous access in Openfire (in Admin Console > Server > Server Settings > Registration & Login). Can’t help any further with that. I know that Candy supports anonymous login, just like you have joined our Open Chat room here https://www.igniterealtime.org/support/group_chat.jsp you had to provide a name, but you can set any name, this is still anonymous login as it is not asking for password and no user has to be created on the server for that. I’m sure converse.js should have same ability/option, you will have to find out.