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Can the server do this

I am trying to get a chat program working for someone behind a firewall / proxy server. PSI lets you set up a tunnel through the proxy port. What I would like to do is run a jabber server on my home computer, and have my friends connect out using PSI.

If I set up this server on some port (say 563) can they then connect through it and obtain their msn contact list ???

Is there a way to limit the server so that it is not a public jabber server ?



you are saying that you want to create a server at home so that someone can connect to it from somewhere that is firewalled off? That would depend on the firewall settings from the location the person is at. yes the server and one of the gateway transports can allow someone to connect and also register their MSN, Yahoo, AIM, or ICQ account through it. To stop this from being a ‘‘public’’ server, set it up not allow connection from ay other Jabber servers, and set it up so that only accounts that you create are allowed to log in. To be honest. I would setup the server behind my own linksys firewall at home, port forward that port through to the Wildfire server and your friend will have to know the ip to connect. that would be simple part. So the answer would be Yes, Wildfire can do what you are asking, but if your friend can connect will be totally dependant on how well the network admin at their office set up that firewall.


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Welcome Peter,

you may need to use port 443 as most ssl proxy servers allow outgoing connections only to port 443.

So you should disable In-Band Account creation like Jeff did say, so you must add the users or you may be able to use the web registration plugin.

Wildfire does not include transports, you’'ll need to install pyMSN, pyICQ, … which may be tricky - there are many questions and answers about this in this forum.


I followed the instructions the best I could figure, and this is the message I get

What Am I doing wrong ???


C:\Program Files\Wildfire\transports\pymsnt>python PyMSNt.py

Unable to install any good reactors (kqueue, epoll, poll).

We fell back to using select. You may have scalability problems.

This reactor will not support more than 1024 connections +at a time.

Could not find the XML DOM. If you’'re using Twisted 2.x make sure you have twist

ed.words installed.

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “PyMSNt.py”, line 11, in ?

import main

File “C:\Program Files\Wildfire\transports\pymsnt\src\main.py”, line 36, in ?

import xmlconfig

File “C:\Program Files\Wildfire\transports\pymsnt\src\xmlconfig.py”, line 4, i

n ?

from tlib import xmlw

File “C:\Program Files\Wildfire\transports\pymsnt\src\tlib\xmlw.py”, line 77,

in ?

from twisted.xish.domish import SuxElementStream, Element, unescapeFromXml

ImportError: No module named xish.domish

C:\Program Files\Wildfire\transports\pymsnt>


This is my config.xml file (located in “C:\Program Files\Wildfire\transports\pymsnt”)




  1. This file contains the default settings for various options.

  2. Please edit config.xml instead of this file

And this is my config.py file located in “C:\Program Files\Wildfire\transports\pymsnt\src”

jid = “”

host = “”

compjid = “”

spooldir = “c:\Program Files\Wildfire\transports\pymsnt”

mainServer = “”

website = “”

port = “5347”

secret = “secret”

lang = “en”

mailNotifications = False

sessionGreeting = “”

registerMessage = “”

allowRegister = False

getAllAvatars = False

useXCP = False

ftJabberPort = “”

ftOOBPort = “”

ftOOBRoot = “http://” + host + “/”

ftSizeLimit = “0”

ftRateLimit = “0”

admins = []

reactor = “”

background = False

pid = “”

debugLevel = “0” # 0->None, 1->Traceback, 2->WARN,ERROR, 3->INFO,WARN,ERROR

debugFile = “”

Origonal questions answered. New thread for ongoing issue. THanks for all the help