Can two wildfire work together?

use the same database and ldap auth.

something like load balance?

And by the way what does the “server to server” property mean?


Hey Micky,

Are you trying to build a scalable solution or a high availability solution? I would say that using 2 Wildfire instances pointing to the same database and sharing the same domain will not work (with the out of the box version). Moreover, if you are trying to build a scalable solution then you don’'t need to follow this approach. You can instead use a Wildfire instance and a few Connection Managers if you need to reach a high number of concurrent connections. On the other hand, if you are looking for HA solutions then such feature is still not available.


– Gato

Thx a lot.

Just what i want,i will be due into the connection manager.

But i think there is a problem:

If the single wildfire instance down,all things will go down.Is there any solution for this?

Hey Micky,

That is High Availability which is still not available. Until we provide HA in Wildfire you can go with a manual HA solution to reduce the downtime. For instance, you can have the DB replicated on in a shared disk and have 2 instances of Wildfire running but only one active. The idle instance will be doing nothing and will be ignored by the CMs. Once the active Wildfire instance goes down you can update your DNS, load balancer, hosts file or whatever to point to the idle (and now active) Wildfire instance. Users will still need to log in again and active group chats will be lost. However, downtime will be low. Another alternative is to start a new Wildfire instance when the active WF goes down. In this case you will need to wait for the new instance to start up (not big deal but a little more downtime).


– Gato

Thank you very much for warmhearted help.

I have build up my connection manager,but encounter some problem.My environment is :

The wf instance is on, my cm is on hosts files have been set.

When i use the spark, and set the server to “” or “”,everything works perfectly.

But i have another client build on gloox by myself,when I set the server to “”, i just cannt connect to the server.On the server debug info,I get SaslException:Mismatched URI: “xmpp/; expecting: xmpp/”

Then I try pandion2.5, it didnt work too. But nothing get in the server debug info.

Is there anything wrong with my wf or cm??

Thank you in advance.