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Can we not require accepting to add contact?

We have been using Novell’s GroupWise Messenger for corporate IM but I am thinking about using Openfire with Spark instead. One of the things I liked about GWIM was I could add a contact to my list (buddy list) and it didn’t require any approval of the person I wanted to add. I’d rather not have to give approval when others add me to their list and I don’t want them to give approval for ones I add. Is it possible to just allow it to add contacts without any confirmation?

I believe the ‘Subscription’ plugin is what you are looking for.

Further documentation is available at http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins/subscription/readme.html , and you can install from via the Admin Panel (see the ‘Plugins’ tab).


I have that plugin installed and configured to accept all however when I try to add someone to my contact list it just says - Pending.

Actually, you’re right. It does work that way. Not sure what was happening when I tried it before. It does stay pending until the person logs in at least for the first time. Then it takes the pending off.