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Can we run sparkweb from network other then local network?

My openfire n sparkweb server is remotely located on data centre. With VPN connection it works very fine but without VPN connection i cant even view the login page. It gives page cannot be desplayed. I have used http binding and port 7070 allowed by firewall. Can anyone help mehh?

yes you can use them remotely. you may need to open additional ports, and verify your external DNS has a valid entry for your server.

Thanx for ur response. Now can u suggest me what may be those additional ports which i need to unblock from firewall to run sparkweb?

I would verify your DNS settings. Your openfire server needs a real world Fully Qualified Domain Name to work (i.e. chatserver.domain.com). This is the name you should have given your server when you set it up. This FQDN must have an A record on an external DNS to allow computers to find the server. If the openfire server has a virtual private IP address you also need to setup NAT tables to translate an external IP address to your virtual private adress.

Again thanks for your reply. It is bit difficult to understand your reply. I have working domain http://mzone.com.my. When i ping from this domain i can see the ip of my server. The server name on my openfire installation is mzone.com.my. I have port 5222 n 7070 open. I have around 200 users from different places using this openfire server through spark and pandion client. The only problem is with webclient. Does this information gives you any sense of problem why cant i access sparkweb from other network then local network?