Can we use openfire from web without using client?

Actually i want something that allows user to login through web without using its client softwares. But only registered users. I don want group chat or something but regular chat like we can use msn or yahoo through e-buddy. Is there any provision like that here at openfire?

There is SparkWeb:

You will always need a client to connect to any kind of server. However, you could use a webbased client. I think thats what you want.

There are several webbased XMPP/Jabber clients:

  • SparkWeb, based on Flash
  • JWChat, based on JavaScript/AJAX

I have placed the sparkweb at I changed the sparkweb.htm as

This port is my admin console port. When get login page. When i try give usn and pswd and click login it just disables login page. When i change connection type as “socket” it just refreshes the page.

Does anybody know about it?

AdminConsole port is wrong…when using connection type “http” you need to enable HTTP-Bind and use that port.

Server -> Server Settings -> HTTP Bind Settings

When using connection type “socket”, disable HTTP-Bind and use port 5222.

server: “mydomain”,

server: “” ??

Thank You.

I sparkweb is working very fine now when vpn is connected. But without vpn connection still cant access. I have used port 7070 and http binding and i have opened this port form firewall too. Do i need to unblock some other ports? if yes then wat are those ports?