Can wildfild use with Jabber Mail Component

i know JMC can be integreat with ejabberd? but i don’'t know if it be with wildfire ,anyone have experience with it

AFAIK the only limitation of Wildfire for components is that they have to support service discovery. If JMC does that, there should be no issues (except that it has to use the domain something.serverdomain, like

It should work with Wilfire Server. If not, there is probably a bug in Wildfire Server or you do something wrong.

Yes, I am sure It works fine on Wildfire.

There is a JMC component running on my Wildfire Server.

Hey Andreas,

Wildfire uses service discovery to find out if the component supports the service discovery feature so that it can be included as a disco#items of the server. However, components that do not support service discovery can still be used in Wildfire. The only limitation is that those components will not be listed as disco#items of the server thus making it harder for users to find them.


– Gato