Can you not use Email Address as username

I am trying to create accounts through smack. (using wildfire server) My users use their email address as their password

I get a 400 error when trying to insert an email address as a username.

I am in the smack debug ad-hoc message area.

so sending this xml fails:

the request is completed successfully.

strangely, if through the wildfire admin, I create a user with the username, i have no problems.

so, my question is: is there a setting somewhere i need on the server?

do I need to escape the @ symbol somehow before sending it?




you may want to escape “@”, look for example here:


May I ask what you use as xmpp.domain?

Jivesoftware uses “” as xmpp.domain and for their email (and of course for their web - but that’'s not really interesting here). So one can use for xmpp and for email (and to reach the web page).