Can you populate externally the name of the LiveChat User?

One of our LiveChat workgroup/queues supports an internal web application that users have to log into. We’‘d like to setup a ‘‘Live Help’’ button in the application, and through the link, populate the user’'s Name and Email (which is already known) to the Livechat application.

Obviously, I could hack up the JSP source to make it work, but I’‘d prefer not to create my own local branch that I have to keep editing every time a new release is out. I saw something in the source about looking at the web api, but couldn’'t find such a beast.

Ideally, I’‘d like not to have to display the username at all if its known, but if that’'s a requirement, at least have the textbox default to the paramater I specify in the URL.

Suggestions? Thanks.

So if you wish to just pass in the username/email address so they never even prompted, you can specify your url with the ?noUI=true paramter. That along with the username, email parameters will place the user directly into the queue.