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Can you tell me ? why don''t successed send message via smack api 1.5?

download broadcast.jar, intall successed.

if serviceName: broadcast , serverName: haopu

then send message to a group of girl. I use smack api :

connection.createGroupChat(“girl@broadcast.haopu”)…sendMessage(“组&#3284 2;天开始了,,,,”);

falure, why ,


Chat myChat = connection.createChat(“girl@broadcast.haopu”);


I just did this the other day and if I remember correctly it shouldn’'t be a group chat, just a regular chat with the service and the service handles the “group” part of it.

use Exodus , select “start chat”, input “girl@broadcast.haopu”,

send message, this is send message to a group of user.

why not support smcak api 1.5 ?