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Candy - a new opensource Multi-User AJAX Jabber Chat

Hi all,

we just released our new Multi-User Ajax Jabber Chat named Candy (acronym for Chats are not dead yet ).

Why Candy?

  • Focused on real-time multi-user chatting

  • Easy to configure, easy to run, easy to use

  • Highly customizable

  • 100% well-documented JavaScript source code

  • Built for Jabber (XMPP), using famous technologies

  • Used and approved in a productive environment with up to 400 concurrent users

  • Works with all major web browsers including IE7

Take a look. We built it from scratch upon the famous Strophe.js Library and made it easily extendable and customizable (see the Project Page).

I hope we can gain some contributors and users of it .

We’re using in our Installation of it Openfire with Punjab as the HTTP-Bind Module. It works for over 400 Users concurrently in all major browsers seamlessly.

Of course you can also use another Jabber Server (we tested also on ejabberd).

If you have any ideas or bugs or whatever -> open an issue on github or send an email to our google groups mailinglist (All links on the project page).




very well done!


Thanks, good to hear

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Great! Thanks for sharing! People here are often asking for some multi-user ajax chat solution and i always had to suggest some oboslete products


That’s why we developed one: We just didn’t find a simple but extendable & customizable javascript/AJAX chat

We should consider replacing the community webchat on the website with this tool. What do you think wroot?

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You know what i think about the whole igniterealtime site (the jive legacy…). I want to replace it all Do you think you can do this, replace the current webchat? Without braking the whole site

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Btw. I just updated the URL to point to the correct location.

Hi all, I recently started working with candy and I like; right now I’m interested in the support for groups. Openfire has it, but I failed to show a group in the contact list of CANDY.

So my question is, it’s possible?