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Candy plugin login issue

candy plugin login issue with openfire.

1.install openfire 3.7.1 in win7 and select the HSQL as DB.

2.install spark and try to access openfire,it works

  1. stop openfire, download the latest version of clientcontrol.jar, sip.jar,candy.war and copy them to openfire/plugin directory

  2. restart openfire, go to http://locahost:7070/candy/candy/plugins/voicebridge/setup.html and give Flash permissions to use your mic. Select the remember checkbox.

  3. go to http://locahost:7070/candy/,there is login form with username input. when input JID and click login button, the page goes grey and hung.

It seems that the login form only contain username, which is nick name other than JID.

I try to input the JID in the username field, while the candy.js only set my input value as nick name and the jidOrHost is

Anything help?

See Login methods


You need to use the XMPP domain name in your URL and not localhost or IP address