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Candy Plugin with Autojoin Room returns an Java Error on Tab Web Clients

Hello, if I enter and save an Autojoin Room on the tab “Web Clients” for the Candy Plugin, a Java error appears (see attachment). The “Web Clients” tab cannot be displayed correctly again until the Autojoin parameter is manually deleted in the system settings. Under Openfire 4.7.1 there are new features like MUC Rooms. Is it possibly because the assigned autojoin room produces the error message?

JavaErrorOpenfire.txt (5,4 KB)

Thanks for reporting this. This indeed is a bug. Version 2.2.0-Release 2 isn’t compatible with Openfire 4.7.0 an later. I’ve raised this ticket for that problem.

A fix is in the works in https://github.com/igniterealtime/openfire-candy-plugin/pull/6. I expect a new release of the plugin to be done shortly.

As an aside: the Candy project has not had any updates since 2016. It has some known vulnerabilities, particularly around XHTML usage. You might want to see if other solutions could be a replacement for your usage. The inVerse and JSXC plugins that we provide could be a starting point for that.

The new release (2.2.0-Release 3) that fixes this issue is now available.

Thanks for the quick info, I will test Candy 2.2.0-Rel 3. As soon as there is a little time, I will also look at your alternative suggestions.

Hi Guus, just a short feedback.

With Candy Version 2.2.0 Release 3, the Web Sites tab is displayed correctly again. All three Candy parameters are correctly transferred to the settings. In the Plugins tab, only the version number is not displayed correctly. Version 0.0.0 is displayed.