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Canned Response Help in Fastpath


Were canned responses in fastpath ever updated to support anything like:

Hello [Custonmer Name]! My name is [Username]. How can I help you?

If so, is there any documentation showing the availble variable names?



I can’t install Fastpath right now (seems to be not compatible with 3.7.0 beta), but i think i remember there is a place to enter any canned responses you want to use (in Admin Console).

Yea, I can definitely add canned responses and know how to do that, but I am trying to find out if there are variables you can add to create an interactive canned response.

For example, say you signed into my web chat and the chat was directed to me.

In the admin, I’d have a canned response programmed as:

Hello [GuestName]! My name is [UserName]. How can I help you?

If I selected that canned response and sent it to you, it would actually greet you with:

Hello wroot! My name is Stephanie. How can I help you?

I found some posts with people requesting this be added as a feature back around 2007, but nothing new since then.

Sorry, i didn’t understand your message well the first time. If you are asking for this, so probably there are no support for such variables. I don’t remember seeing something like this in Fastpath gui. There are no developers working on Fastpath right now, so i won’t hope for this to be added. You can try to find a coder to add such stuff into Fastpath for you.