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Cannot access Admin page anymore

Hello, I have been using Openfire server for about 2 months now and was able to access the admin page just fine until today. After a few weeks of not visiting the page, I am now unable to access it. When I use the following URL to access the admin page remotely:


I get the following:

Method GET not implemented (try POST)

I uninstalled the Openfire and then installed it, and added a <setup> node with a value of false in openfire.xml. 
Also, the firewall is disabled on the server.  Suggestions?  Thanks.

Ok, I got it running again! Last week I installed TeamCity (Continuous Integration Server) on my server OS. Apparently, that conflicted with Openfire somehow. However, after doing a reinstall of Openfire and shutting down then restarting TeamCity’s services, Openfire is now working. I hope that helps anyone else that may have this problem in the future.

I am not sure why this happened, since I restarted the server before I uninstalled/reinstalled Openfire. Anyways, I am still able to access the admin page.

TeamCity Build Agent is by default running on port 9090, the same port OpenFire Admin console is running on. One of the ports has to be changed. TeamCity Build Agent will automatically select a different port when it detects that 9090 is already in use.