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Cannot add contact to spark

i’m unable to add a contact in spark i have a jid going as ‘testing001@conversations.im’ and i’m unable to search it inside that add contact window.
I can search my id inside lookup profile tho !
Can you tell me where exactly am i going wrong ?

Is conversations.im a real domain name? Is it one provided by Conversations app developer. I’m not sure what server is being used then. Maybe search is disabled on that server. Or are you using Openfire?

No i wasn’t using openfire yet !
I could log into conversations JID using GAJIM so i think search is enabled and also that it is a real domain name. Actually this problem occurs when i build and run using intellij but on running the installed application it works alright !
Why is this difference in behaviour between installed software and the build app

Can’t comment on that, not a developer myself. I guess something is missing when running from the source (what is put together by install4j, when it creates the executables and installers). Maybe when executable runs outside of IDE it can access more functions or use system’s resources instead (like DNS). Just guessing. Ideally should be no difference.