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Cannot connect from any chat client on my Galaxy S8+

Suddenly, I can no longer chat from my phone to my own Openfire 4.0 server using Xabber, IM Pro, or Yaxim. The connection is timing out or getting SSL errors:

Read error ssl=0x7f7276d600: failed in ssl library, usually A protocol error.


SASL authentication failed using mechanism DIGEST-MD5

I have tried all versions of using TLS, SSL, optional, etc.

It still works from my desktop, and with IM Pro on my old nexus tablet.

What could be wrong?

Others are seeing this too: Conversations adding account “NEXT” to “CONNECTING” and repeat - not actually doing anything · Issue #2475 · siacs/Conve…

If this as an Android 7 stack issue, surely Openfire will fix it on the server!