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Cannot connect to Admin Console; Users can't connect to Spark


I recently had to change the passwords to the servers and admin accounts where our active directory and open server resides. I was on Spark successfully throughout this, but when I cannot log in now that I’ve been out. Other users cannot log in.

I have tried to log in to the Openfire admin console but I’m stuck because the old password doesn’t work. When I edit the file in conf -> openfire.xml and put in the new password, that doesn’t work either.

There must be something I’m missing. I suspect that Active Directory and openfire have lost their connectivity to each other and that I need to change another password somewhere but I don’t know where. I checked out if I needed to edit any running open fire services and I don’t see any. I’ve restarted the server with also no luck.

Thanks for the help in advance!!

Does anyone know if there is another step I need to be taking to get Openfire to take the new passwords?

  1. stop openfire server
  2. edit openfire.xml setup tag to read false
  3. start openfire
  4. go to admin site ans step through the config
  5. make sure you use ans adminDN that will not ever change.

Thanks so much for your reply, Todd. Should I be doing this before changing the password on active directory?

And by adminDN, do you mean admin password? Please explain.

Thanks again so much.