Cannot connect to openfire on the 2nd LAN

We have server with 2 LAN and 1 WAN link. System is Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10, MySQL 5, OpenLDAP, Java JRE 1.5. Openfire was installed using openfire_3_6_4.tar.gz.

I can log on openfire admin console at the port 9090, and see there the server name is of

In the hosts there are 3 records of

hostname is of

dns suffix -

When I connect to IP everything ok, working.

But I can’t connect to the other 2 NICs.

I tried to rename server to in the admin console of openfire, but after restarting it doesn’t start at all.

I can telnet on all the NICs on port 5222.

Please help me, where the problem is?