Cannot connect to OpenFire server remotely

I have the following setup

An Azure VM running windows that has OpenFire installed and configured.

I have turned the firewall off on this VM.

I have enabled the end points for the VM in the Azure Portal

I can telnet and PsPing to port 5222 remotely.

I can log in and connect to the server via spark locally

I cannot connect remotely at all.

I’m not familiar with azure, but it sounds like an ACL issue with Azure. I would also verify your port forwarding as being correct too, but im sure you’ve already done that.

I had a similar issue on a TS that was running Openfire, I could login on the local server with Spark but not from a remote machine.

The issue for me that the windows firewall. I allowed the client ports (5222 and 5223) for TCP and UPD.

As soon as I added that Spark would authenticate not problem.