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Cannot connect

I’‘ve just installed wildfire at work, with 16 users, all using exactly the same client -psi. It’'s on a Centos based sme server.

Some days it works and everyone can connect, and other days only a few select computers can connect. It’‘s the same group that can connect on a good day. When I try to log in from home, on a good day I can be any user, but today I get the ‘‘unable connect to server’’ message. (Yes the server does answer to ping, so it’'s available).

I’‘ve looked in the /opt/wildfire/logs directory and can’'t find any log entries which explain this behaviour.

Where should I be looking for more clues?

Hey drlizau,

Psi includes an XML console where you can see the exchanged XML packets. Could you post the packets that were exchanged until the failure occured? If the client is not being able just to open a socket to the server then this is a network/connectivity issue and we cannot do much from Wildfire. It may also help to see the errors that you are getting in the logs.


– Gato

There are no log entries appropriate to the dates of ‘‘reduced service’’. Which log should be showing these? All I can discover is that on the two occasions when I have been looking in the logs, ‘‘full service’’ resumes shortly after. Restarting the wildfire server makes no difference.

These 16 machines are on a LAN, and at night I log in (if possible) from home.

I haven’'t had xml logging enabled on psi, and will start some machines to log this.