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Cannot edit local groups

We have several shared groups set up on the server (not using LDAP). For my login, I have a couple of local groups as well. I was able to copy contacts from a shared group to a local group at first, but lately I can’t make any edits to my local groups. I’ve tried to copy another user from a shared group to the local group and it only saves for my session. Looking at my roster in the admin view, the local group doesn’t show up for that contact.

I’m now hearing this complaint from other users as well, but I don’t know what’s causing it. I even logged in using Pidgin and the same thing happened, so it’s not Spark, it’s something with the Openfire server. Any ideas?

A little more detail on this. I found that I can copy one particular contact to my personal group, but if I copy anyone else, they only show up in the group for that session. As soon as I log out, they’re gone. Looking at the admin interface, I can see the one person has the local group “Frequent Contacts” listed when I look at my roster, but none of the others do. Is there a permissions setting that would be blocking Spark from being able to make changes to the user roster. There is nothing about these users that appears to be different, but one can be copied to a personal group and the other cannot.


JM-1063 may be related to your problem. Anyhow I really wonder whether this is a client or a server issue. As long as one can not reproduce this it’s quite hard to fix.


Thanks that tip gave me some more clues for testing.

I found that only contacts who are in a particular server level group cannot be copied to local groups. If I remove the contact from the group, I can copy them to my local group and it stays after I log out.

There doesn’t seem to be anything special about this group other than that it’s the largest server group we have, but that’s only 132 members.

I can replicate in both Spark and Pidgin, so I think it’s a server issue.