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Cannot get email addy from AD into vcard


I have LDAP auth with AD working fine and have just added the VCard sections to pull information into the spark profile.

I’‘m getting all the details except the email address which is strange. We’‘re running Win2000 AD with MS exchange 2003 so it’'s all integrated into AD.

I’'ve used an LDAP browser to confirm the field is called “mail”.

This is the section of my wildfire.xml


I can’'t see anything obviosuly wrong.

Any ideas?

Using Wildfire 2.4.4 into and SQL 2000 DB and Spark 1.1



I’'m not sure which one of these is the one Spark expects, but I added these lines to my mapping and it populates the email address now.

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Cool, thanks for that, it’'s the it uses.

All working now.