Cannot get to http://<myserver>:9090/webchat/jivelive.jsp

I installed openfire 3.5.1, installed the fastpath plugin and setup the workspace. The problem is when I try to use the chat button code, I get the openfire admin login page. After I provide credentials, I get a jetty 404 error. Any ideas on what is going on here?

<!-- Insert this snippet where you would like the Chat button image to show up -->

<script language=“JavaScript” type=“text/javascript” src=“http://:9090/webchat/jivelive.jsp”></script>

<script>showChatButton(‘web_support@workgroup.lacwinsql-01’);</script&g t;

<!-- End Of Spark Fastpath Snippet -->

So it looks like I had to install the sparkweb plugin. Although it is an enterprise plugin, fastpath needs it to provide the web interface.

I was just looking at this too. I created a fastpath workgroup and then searched my server for a jivelive.jsp file and nothing. I have 3.5.1 installed, sparkweb .9. So, one still needs to install the sparkweb plugin, even though that is a ‘enterprise’ plugin still to make this work?