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Cannot join a GroupChat if running as ''localhost''


if I configure jive to listen at chat.localhost I can join a chatroom, everything works fine.

If I change the chat to listen just only at localhost, I see an error, if I obviously trying to connect to localhost instead of chat.localhost.

I only get the problem on a groupChat, using a simple chat works fine.

Does anybody have any idea?



Hey Silvio,

I’'m not sure I completely understand your issue. Is this a Jive Messenger question or a Smack question?

If this is a Messenger question then your chat service should not have the same XMPPAddress as the main server. For example, if your server’'s address is “localhost” then your chat service must be something different than “localhost”. A common address could be “chat.localhost”.


– Gato

This is exactly what I’'m wondering about.

If I’‘m creating a Chat, it’'s working with both the same servers, using the GroupChat it is not.

But anyway,

Thanks for your answer


Now I got your question. The reason for that is that Chat does not make use of the Chat service in the server whilst GroupChat does. Maybe the name of the class Chat can give you the wrong idea. The Chat class only sends regular messages between two parties. On the other hand, GroupChat generates a virtual room on the server and therefore the chat service is used.


– Gato