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Cannot login to admin console


I’'m trying to login to admin console but I cannot connect to it. First I put the admin user and admin password. When I click on the login button, the browser gets trying to connect to it but no message is shown.

I’'m using Wildfire 2.4.0 in Suse Linux and Oracle Database



Hi Eduardo,

are there any errors in the log files? Is it a fresh installation?

Maybe your browser reject cookies and thus can not log in.



I stopped wildfire service because I had to restart my suse linux server. When It restarted, I can connect to admin console.

wrong message: I can not connect to admin console

Hi Eduardo,

there is an Edit button, left of “reply”

So are you able to see any error messages in the log files. Admin username and password are stored in the database so Wifi (a nice and confusing acronym for Wildfire) must be able to connect it.



This might be a problem related to the java VM space usage being maxed out and not being freed as needed. I think this is suposed to be resolved in version 2.5.x. We are having the same issue at my workplace and we tempoarily fixed this by increasing the size of the VM. Unfortunately, the problem still exists, but increasing the size gives us more up-time and we can restart each morning before users start logging on. This can be done by adding the a file called vmoptions in the bin directory with the following lines:



where the 64 is the min VM size used and 128 is the max VM sized used.

We used 256 for both min and max for about 50-75 users and it allows us to go one full day with no problems.

(PS I think there are other posts regarding this that might be more helpful…)


I believe that it’'s true what you said. I will increase the JVM space in order to try to

connect to admin console.

Thanks a lot,


Hi wrotus,

it’‘s me who usually posts some more or less usefull memory parameters and links to tools how to monitor the memory usage. After restart Wildfire uses only 8 MB of memory, so an OOM just after restart is very unlikely. Java 5 is very good in tracking OOM errors so it’'s the best to look in the error log file. Enabling -verbose:gc -XX:*PrintGCDetails -XX:*PrintGCTimeStamps and probaby -Xloggc:/pathto/wildfire.gc helps a lot but is not necessary to track down OOM errors.