Cannot Login To Admin

OK - I have installed Open Fire with no problems. Spent hours and hours adding almost 90 people in my company to the server. Tested, and everything went fine. I added Fast Path and Web Chat (That is what we need) and had some problems with web chat. I did some research on the problem, and found that the XMPP server and the Host Name for openfire had to match exactly. I made the change, restarted the openfire service, and BOOM - NOW I CAN’T EVEN LOG INTO THE ADMIN COUNSEL.

I tried logging into phpMyAdmin, changed the admin clearpassword to be password, then tried to make the encrypted password to be nul, added my name in the openfire.xml as an authorizedJID, restarted the server, and BOOM, no dice.

Were is the “Lost Password” link? What should I try next. This is very frustrating!