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Cannot login to Chat Rooms


I have an issue where we deleted the only admin of the openfire console so we had to edit the openfire xml file and add me as authorised admin and we were then able to login. We can now login to admin console and also spark is working fine. We have one issue but since this happened and it is that chat rooms that are there cannot be entered. The users get the error below.

ERROR: You are not a member of this room, This room requires you to be member to join.

What we have noticed is that all the usernames have now been changed from @derryweb to @ukwebserver now. See attached screen shot of properties on the server screen. As you can see the server name under server properties is now ukwebserver but I am not sure what it was in the past but I suspect it was derryweb. I am reluctant to change this before I get some advice on here as this server is critical for communications and used 23 hours a day.

Is it just a matter of changing this back to derryweb and everyone should be able to log in again?

I have been able to read users again to existing chat rooms but as I say they show now as username@ukwebserver. I am just afraid if I change the server name or that I will get locked out of admin console.

Any help much appreciated.

Are you using LDAP integration?

No all standard login not linked to AD but this was set up a long time ago by a previous engineer. Doesn’t really Be touched but someone deleted the admin login. How can I tell what kind of authentication I am using??

As i haven’t used LDAP integration myself, i don’t know actually how to tell if it is being used. @speedy ?
The only thing i can think of, is to check System Properties and look for these:

In LDAP case they should probably say something else, not Default, but i’m not sure.

If LDAP is being used with SSO, then Spark should login automatically and not even provide server field and a way to change user. Does your Spark allow to change server and username if you log out in Spark?

Yes so when someone logs out of spark ten can edit username password and server address. I don’t believe we are using LDAP I believe it’s just standard default setting that spark sets up during installation

Deleting admin shouldn’t have caused server’s name change. So, maybe someone did more than just deleting admin or maybe your server has been changed to ukwebserver in the past. If you really want to get back to derryweb, then stop Openfire, edit openfire.xml and change the last tag (setup) to false. Run Openfire again and go through web setup (database should stay intact), during this setup change your server’s name. It is the best way to do such change as it should also change all the usernames. But there is no 100% guarantee it will work. Do backups before doing that.

So after someone deleted the admin account I then had to edit the openfire.xml file and add my own account as admin in there so that I could login to admin console and add the admin account again. I now have 3 admins so that it doesn’t happen again. I got the code to add to openfire xml file off this forum also to do it. I have exported all users as a backup anyway is there any other backup I need to do?

Backing up whole installation folder should be enough if embedded database is used. If you use external database (MySQL, etc.), then you can use its regular tools for backups. To see which database is in use go to Server Settings > Database menu. HSQL stands for embedded database.