Cannot login to Wildfire Admin when configured with LDAP Authent to AD

I installed Wildfire with LDAP integration to my Windows Active Directory. I tested the LDAP link and it tests successfully. I added 3 users as Administrators in WIldfire. I cannot seem to login as any of these users. What an I missing? Do the users have to belong some specific organization unit?

LDAP Server is:

CN=STEMPSVR8,OU=Domain Controllers,DC=stempsystems,DC=local

AdminDN is: stemp@stempsystems.local

Hey Morris,

Could you paste your config/wildfire.xml file? Please replace any sensitive information with dummy content. BTW, make sure that your administrator DN and base DN are correct. The testing step is not checking that those values are correct but that the DN syntax is fine.


– Gato


the adminDN must be a valid dn and not an email address. And the baseDN must allow you to browse the users group. You may want to try Softerra free LDAP Browser (not Administrator) to connect to your AD and verify that users can be found.