Cannot login to wildfire administration console

This is my currrent wildfire.xml files…

what do i need to edit to login

-wildfire is allready setup…please help me…snowain

SSH Secure Shell 3.2.0 (Build 267)

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This copy of SSH Secure Shell is a non-commercial version.

This version does not include PKI and PKCS #11 functionality.

Last login: Wed Nov 15 10:02:18 2006 from

Welcome to trixbox

For access to the trixbox web GUI use this URL

For help on trixbox commands you can use from this

command shell type help-trixbox.

vi /opt/wildfire/conf/wildfire.xml


Found a swap file by the name “/opt/wildfire/conf/.wildfire.xml.swp”

owned by: root dated: Tue Nov 14 16:08:33 2006

file name: /opt/wildfire/conf/wildfire.xml

modified: YES

user name: root host name: asterisk1.local

process ID: 5044

While opening file “/opt/wildfire/conf/wildfire.xml”

dated: Wed Nov 15 10:07:12 2006

NEWER than swap file!

(1) Another program may be editing the same file.

If this is the case, be careful not to end up with two

different instances of the same file when making changes.

Quit, or continue with caution.

(2) An edit session for this file crashed.

If this is the case, use “:recover” or "vim -r /opt/wildfire/conf/wildfire.x


to recover the changes (see “:help recovery”).

If you did this already, delete the swap file "/opt/wildfire/conf/.wildfire.


to avoid this message.

“/opt/wildfire/conf/wildfire.xml” 171L, 5457C


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Message was edited by: snowain


you must use a valid baseDN and a valid adminDN. Something like

may be fine.


Hii, it2000

thanks for you answer…

I try to chance the baseDN and adminDN,

But, still cannot login…the same thing…any suggestion?