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Cannot login to Wildfire with special characters in password

We have Wildfire 2.5.0 is our IM server. Our users use the Pandion 2.5 client to connect to the server. We use AD authentication to log our users into the IM server.

Problem: If a user’'s password has special characters, for e.g.:

Soluéà à (/b, they are unable to authenticate with AD and login to the IM server.

Does Wildfire support reading special characters from the password field in AD?

Can someone respond and let me know if you were succesfull in using passwords with special characters (e.g: Soluéà à ) and authenticate with Microsoft’'s Active Directory using the Pandion client. We have users with the Pandion 2.5 client that can authenticate against AD if their passwords do not contain special characters.


I can see a similar problem when using Spark and Wifi with the embedded database. It seems that UTF-8 passwords cause some trouble. You can track the issue here: JM-694