Cannot login via Connection manager with BOSH (Strophe & Trophyim.0.3)!

I found that it can not login via connection manager with BOSH! The problem is almost the same as mentioned in

When I use Trophyim.0.3 as IM client to login via connection manager, It can not login. By the way, It can login openfire server by Trophyim.0.3 directly to openfire server (no through connection manager).

It stops in step 4 when through connectioin manager. The log is as below…

LOG: request id 4.1 got 200


I found the recv message with CM is not the same with the one directly to server.

My context is Openfire 3.7.0 & Connection manger 3.6.3.

No one can help me? Is it a bug?

I found the same question with JabberHTTPBind!

In Step 4, Openfire server do not response and time is out, the CM response “”.