Cannot manage groups with other jabber clients

I’m running openfire 3.5.1 configured to get users a couple of shared groups from active directory and this is all working fine. The problem is I cannot do any sort of group management from any xmpp client other than spark…they appear to make the change locally but the server doesn’t save it. When attempting from Psi 0.10 with the XML console open I see this:

Why is spark working differently?

Perhaps Spark respects a new standard of XMPP, or maybe it’s using a non-standard feature that only works betwee spark and openfire ( both made by the same people).

Hey Brad,

When using shared groups (i.e. groups controlled from the server) clients are not allowed to modify them. It does not make any difference which client is trying to do the change. I guess that what you are doing in Spark is slightly different or may be Spark is showing that the change happened when in fact it was rejected (i.e. the UI is showing something that is not real). If the latter then restart Spark and check what happened with the modification.


– Gato

If that’s what would happening it would make sense but it’s not what’s happening. Spark -is- making a change on the server and I can see the change in the management web site’s version of my roster, I can see the changes appear in other clients immediately, and restarting Spark doesn’t make the changes go away in Spark. While I cannot remove someone from a shared group (copy and move both do a copy) the server has no problem with me also having the same user exist in normal groups simultaneously.